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Level up
Lvl 2.
Gnome Mage
XP 69 / 100.
Bobo was born with a rare talent for engineering. By the age of five, Bobo had already built various contraptions, surprising everyone with their intricate designs. Bobo's passion and dedication towards engineering has made them one of the youngest and most talented engineers in ArcaneLand.
Gain Items
🌩️ StroboBlaster 3000
A powerful blaster that shoots lightning bolts with incredible accuracy. It is equipped with the latest technology and has been tested to ensure its safety and reliability.

The StroboBlaster 3000 was invented by Professor Smith and Bobo. After many experiments, they succeeded in creating a weapon that could shoot lightning bolts.
Take item
Complete Quests
⚔️ Forge a Weapon
Bobo must use their engineering skills to craft a simple weapon for protection before venturing out into ArcaneLand. Gather materials and craft a basic weapon such as a wooden sword or slingshot.
Feature list
Remembers up to 15.000 characters worth of context
Gain xp, level up, progress
Gain unique items based on context
Stores up to 12 relationships in memory forever
Editable event memory and relationship database
Optional Hardcore / Permadeath
Creates quests & story with coherent progression
Create and modify your own unique AI brain
Receiving a quest
I'm in my bed.
Ah, I see. You are currently in your bed at home. As you lay there contemplating your future as a mage, you hear a loud knock on the door. What do you do?
I open the door
+5 XP
As you open the door, you see a tall figure with a hooded cloak standing outside. The person's face is obscured by shadows and their voice sounds raspy as they speak: "Greetings young mage, I have come to offer you an opportunity of great importance. Will you hear me out? "
Yes, speak your mind
+8 XP
The hooded figure nods and steps inside your home. "I am a representative of the Arcane Council, and we have been keeping an eye on you for some time now. We believe that you have great potential as a mage, but first, there is a task we need your help with." The figure hands you a small scroll with instructions written in arcane symbols. "Your mission is to retrieve an ancient artifact from the ruins of Castle Blackwood. It will not be easy, but if successful it could greatly benefit both yourself and our council." Will you accept this challenge? "
Tell me more
I see a staff laying on the ground
As you survey the area, you notice a staff lying on the ground. The wood appears to be intricately carved, and there is a faint aura emanating from it. You can sense that it possesses magical properties, but you don't know it's true power just yet.
The dice will decide the outcome...

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Gaining items
Bobo quickly gets up from his bed and heads towards the door. As he opens it, he sees a tall man with broad shoulders standing in front of him. "Good morning, Bobo," says the man. "I'm your mentor, Professor Smith. I heard you're working on a new project today." "That's right!" exclaims Bobo excitedly. "Well then," replies Professor Smith with a smile on his face. "Let's get started! What kind of weapon are you planning to make?"
I want to make a StroboBlaster 3000 that shoots lightning bolts!
Professor Smith looks at Bobo with a raised eyebrow. "A StroboBlaster 3000 that shoots lightning bolts? That's quite ambitious for someone your age, don't you think?" Bobo nods his head vigorously. "I know it sounds crazy, but I've been working on the design for weeks! I'm sure I can make it work." The professor chuckles and pats Bobo on the back. "Alright then, let's see what we need to get started." He walks over to one of the shelves and starts pulling out various materials.
Alright, listen here Professor Smith. We attach the combobulator to the sparkling cylinder, then we hotwire the 10.000 lumen strobe to the combobulator, add a handle, attach a button, wire the button, and were good to go!
Professor Smith looks at Bobo with a mix of surprise and admiration. "You really know your stuff, don't you? Alright then, let's get to work!" The two of them spend the next few hours working on the StroboBlaster 3000. They attach the combobulator to the sparkling cylinder just as Bobo had suggested and hotwire it to the strobe. After adding a handle and wiring up a button for activation, they take their creation outside for testing. Bobo presses down on the button excitedly... but nothing happens.
WHAT!? Why didn't it work Professor Smith?
Professor Smith scratches his head, looking at the StroboBlaster 3000. "Hmm... it looks like we might have missed something in the wiring." He takes a closer look and notices that one of the wires is loose. "Ah ha! Here's our problem," he exclaims as he tightens up the wire. Bobo eagerly presses down on the button again, and this time there's a loud crackling sound followed by an impressive bolt of lightning shooting out from their creation! "Wow!" Bobo shouts with excitement. "It worked!"
Yes!!! Now let me try the weapon Professor Smith!
Professor Smith chuckles at Bobo's enthusiasm. "Hold on there, young one! Let's not get ahead of ourselves. While it may shoot lightning bolts, we still need to make sure it works properly and is safe for you to use." He takes the StroboBlaster 3000 back inside and spends some time fine-tuning its settings. Finally satisfied with their creation, he hands it over to Bobo with a smile. "Here you go! Just remember to be careful when using this thing!"
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